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Children of Ukraine

Written on: Wednesday 20 April 2022

Recently, as a parent informed us he was taking Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine, children across the school made cards to show the children of Ukraine their support. We would like to share with you the email and photos we received from the parent on his return.

Dear Children of South Grove

Your cards have arrived in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The schools and shops are closed as a result of the war, and the children are unable to play outside. The children who received your cards have to remain in the basement of a local municipal building in order to remain safe.

They were so happy to receive you amazing cards of support, please find attached some photos and a short video.

The children have said they will write back to you, so when I arrange my next trip to the Ukraine, I will collect them from my friend Serhii, and bring them back to London for you all to enjoy.

Thank you all for this very important show of support.




Help and support during the Ukraine crisis

Empowered to explore, inspired to learn