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Help South Grove become a 'Zero Carbon Schools'!

Written on: Thursday 03 November 2022

For the next 26 weeks, South Grove has been lucky to secure a project called  'Zero Carbon Schools' 

This project puts climate education and action at the heart of the school allowing our students to become catalysts for change for now and in their future.

The Year 4 children and teachers and Ms Spain's Group in Year 6 will be heading out on this incredible Learning Journey to:

Stage 1 : Explore

Understand the causes and effects of the climate crisis

Stage 2: Investigate 

Calculate an estimate of South Groves carbon footprint

Stage 3: Act 

Design projects that aim to reduce your school's carbon emissions 

Stage 4: Inspire

Share our results within and beyond the school - encouraging and inspiring others to tackle climate change

The project is cross- curriculuar with links to science, maths, geography, english, PSHE and art

Over the next 26 weeks, our selected students will become Sustainability and Zero Carbon experts and will have a chance to respond to this by planning and leading a project to reduce our school's carbon emissions. 

Welcome to lovely Georgia who is a qualified teacher who successfully runs environmental projects. She will be at our school every Wednesday for the remainder of the Year .

 We will also get two training sessions for teachers and support to run a community event that will involve some parents in this program.  

Parents and Carers please let Ms. Spain know if you would like to be part of this amazing project. 



Empowered to explore, inspired to learn