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South Grove Primary School

Year 1 are Celebrating

Year 1 are Celebrating || NOVEMBER 2023

Year 1 kicked off their new topic, Let's Celebrate, by dressing in clothes they would wear to a celebration. It was lovely to see the children show off their different outfits that are worn for celebrations from Eid to birthday parties. Many of the children brought party food and we were able to share where the foods came from and also try some! Thank you to the parents who were able to make or supply food for this special occasion, it really helped us to appreciate different cultures and to understand the role of hospitality in our community, as we were able to share food with other year groups. The children also had the chance to talk about a celebration that they have been part of outside of school and show photos they had brought in from home.

In other areas of the curriculum we have been working hard on improving our understanding of number bands and fact families as well as learning about other celebrations that children will see happening in their local environment currently (Halloween, bonfire night).