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South Grove Primary School

Sustainable School

We strongly believe in developing a strong understanding of sustainability on a local, national and global level. This focus has become essential across the globe.  

We understand that children need to develop an understanding of complex issues and opportunity but this is not enough – we need to give our children the tools to articulate and communicate their ideas through oracy.  

Being a Rights Respecting School helps the children to know and articulate their rights.

Once children know their rights; they can be changemakers and can use the SDGs as a platform to take action.

At South Grove, the Rights articles and the SDGs provide relevance in our curriculum. SDGs themes have been integrated across the school and turned into actionable projects within the community.

 Pupils can see how their involvement will be a catalyst for change intrinsic motivation and moral purpose to learn. As citizens of the world, young people have values, beliefs and the ability to identify and challenge barriers to change.