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South Grove Primary School

Year 6 had an exciting time at Herts Young Marine Base

Presentation to parents about the trip.

Presentation to Parents

hymb presentation to parents 2024.pdf


Year 6 went on their exciting end of year trip to Herts Young Marine Base (HYMB)! We took part in a range of activities which were Bell Boating, Archery, Caving and Raft Building. We had so much fun!

Raft Building was a fantastic learning experience as were taught how to tie complicated knots and build a raft ready for the water. Although, some did fall apart and we ended up in the lake!

After this, we paddled our bell boat along the river (with some singing along the way) and then climbed in the water ready to play some games. Once the water sports had ended, we tested our skills in Archery and some of us were able to shoot right in the middle of the target. Others unfortunately, weren't so lucky and shot the grass or over the fence!

Overall it was an amazing trip! We all had such a great time!

Take a look at our photos!

Report by Quinn and Daisy